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AMS. wall clocks are a synonym for esthetics and quality. Precise and reliable movements, the finest selection of high-quality materials and a design carefully planned in detail make these precious Black Forest clocks a class of their own.

THE TREND DESIGN: Design comes to life with innovative ideas that make headlines and really present something new. It is therefore with a purpose that the AMS designs use and experiment with new shapes and materials. The demand to individually design and decorate one’s living environment is, thus, given new impulses.

No matter whether aluminum, glass, acrylic, steel or brass are processed for a variety of surface structures, any AMS contemporary design uses wood as the basic material and thus builds a bridge to tradition and to other decorative elements in your home.

With AMS you may find your very personal accent in contemporary esthetics.

Clocks NZ Ltd import a selection of the AMS range.

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9443 9343 9400 9397 9401 9398
9404 9409 9408 9241 9462 9461
7415 9245 7294 7296 7330 7317
7299 7426 7427-1 7427 7394 7393
7303 7313 7322 7324 7347 7239
5224 7217 5219 7255 5223 7216
7260 7250 7300 7387 7386
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