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howard miller


620-384 Le Chateau d` Olero™ II

  • It first served as a monastery, looming high above France/'s Bay of Biscay. The early monks who lived there were pious, prayerful –– and also distilled some of the best brandies in the Bordeaux region. In its second life, the site was transformed into a rambling estate for the Olero family, and brandy gave way to fine wines, with a tasting room located high in the domed apse that topped the basilica. Though you can/'t accompany today/'s villagers as they occaionally stumble across remnants of cork and cask, you can raise a toast with this Moment in Time clock that celebrates the spirit of grand architecture.
  • Beautifully produced with fade-resistant inks, this 25" antique dial is carefully mounted on a laser-cut, 1/4" thick panel base, then secured into an aged polystone frame finished in Rustic Umber.
  • Quartz, battery operated movement.
  • Movement: Quartz

D. 2" (5 cm)
Diameter: 30" (76 cm)

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