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howard miller


620-361 Antique Howard Miller™ II

  • As an inquisitive boy of eleven growing up in the same town where he would later establish his clock company, Howard Miller wasn’t content to wile away the summer days skipping rocks or playing games of mumbleypeg. So it was no surprise to his mother when he rescued a broken coat and hat rack from the rubbish pile out back, fitted it with working weights and pendulum, then crowned it with a rusty clockface. His early handiwork was never introduced into production, but from drawings of photographs contained in the Miller family album, we’ve fashioned this Moment In Time wall clock to commemorate a young boy’s creativity, vision and inspiration.
  • Beautifully produced with fade-resistant inks, this antique dial is carefully mounted on a laser cut, 1/4" thick, panel base and features antique black hands and a quartz movement.
  • Quartz, battery operated movement.
  • Movement: Quartz

Diameter: 25" (64cm)

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